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How We Met Married Couple Story Time 2020 and where we travel?

How we met international couple and after few months we decide to travel to thailand so you know How We Travelled To Thailand explore and to know each others more because we are from the different cultures im Iranian or Persian and marina she’s a Ukrainian how we met, As a boyfriend and girlfriend it was our first experience we travel together love story, and here is our married couples love story time How We Met.

How we met international married couple which is persian and ukrainian, My first question when chatting with a friend’s new boyfriend or girlfriend is always love story “So, how did you guys meet?” Why? Because there is no such thing as a bad meet-cute—yes, even if it was “through the apps,” it’s still always intriguing to know why and how two people fell for each other. If you’re like me and love tear-inducing “how we met” stories, here are how we met story time and our relationship story.

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Hey, y’all! We are a husband and wife from Ukraine & Iran, We’re Afshin & Marina, We started “travel hacking” and taking more trips together and finally decided we wanted to travel, We started this YouTube channel to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling. We love traveling to all countries, a travel couple on a journey to find the most interesting places and unique foods this planet has to offer! We are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. 🙂 Come along and see the world with us!

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